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Références de Coachs Supervisés

"What I really appreciate in Sylvie"s supervision is her expertise at reviewing coaching experiences with a professional and very creative meta-position. This helped me to develop and integrate more approaches to coaching , while fully respecting who I am. She helps people grow in consciousness, with humility and playfulness. Her remarks go directly to one"s entire self, through a remarkable talent for feedback, and can be immediately integrated as personal development in coaching. She is such a powerful supervisor!"

Anne Damoiseaux
Ansor Sprl

"I had the chance to discover the power of supervision with Sylvie. Supervision offers me space and time to reflect on my practice, my relationships with my clients and also allows opportunities for learning. This is of incomparable value. I realize that this process empowers me and helps me build my "internal supervisor" and acquire – in turn – this meta-position, to distill very effectively, the essence in my coaching. This experience is definitely enhancing my capabilities to be even more present with my coachees. It also supports me in maintaining my standards, and challenges me in my development as a coach. This has nothing to do with the "coach a coach" drill usually offered in Belgium.

I have known Sylvie for years now and I appreciate the energy and professionalism she has demonstrated by training as a Supervisor in London to acquire these specific skills."

Henri Cnops
Founding Partner, Executive Coach
Executive Coaching & Guiding Brussels, Belgium