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Ad Lucem sprl : Coaching - Supervision - Training

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Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting it.

The first part of my career was around the "doing". It gave me the opportunity to acquire a vast professional experience. The second is in the "being". As reflect the pictures from my travels around the world, more fulfillness and relaxing !

And you, what prevents you from making this first step to a more enjoyable life ?

Ad Lucem ! Ad Lucem is a Latin idiom which means "to the light". It is our family motto.

For more than 15 years, Ad Lucem supports people (thru Coaching, Supervision, Training and Mentoring) to improve their life, career and insure their self-development.

Sylvie. Tel : +32 (0)473/36 31 36.

"The longest road you will ever walk is the sacred journey from your head to your heart". Phil Lane