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ICF Code of Ethic

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ICF Code of Ethic

Ethics ICF Belgium has established a 15-point ethical conduct code and requires that its members comply with: 15 points which are the commitments made ​​by its members: 1. Never undermine the image of a coach or values ​​of coaching as a profession. 2. Always know one's skills as a coach and stay within their framework. 3. Ensure that customers adhere to coaching contract established with them. 4. Always commit to delivering coaching results that one can guarantee. 5. Respect confidentiality of the information provided by the client. 6. Seek permission from clients before mentioning them as clients or references. 7. Encourage clients to call upon other coaching resources if the relationship with the coach does not enable them to fulfill their potential. 8. Avoid conflicts between one's own interests and those of clients. 9. Find a favorable solution for the client if conflicts of interest with the coach are likely to interfere with the coaching relationship. 10. Inform the customer of remuneration that the coach may receive from third parties for communicating the name of the client or adviser. 11. Honoring each and every contract conditions established with the customer. 12. Do not divulge customer information neither confidential counseling, nor fallacious information beyond the competence of the coach. 13. Respect copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property rights (IPR) and comply with the law, as well as agreements concerning these rights. 14. Use the ICF membership lists according to the rules established by the ICF or the chapter or committee corresponding to ICF. 15. Conduct coaching in a manner consistent with the ICF coaching definition and informing customers about it at their request.